Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 New Year Resolutions?

Hello First day of 2016 *wave*

2015 had been an amazing year to me.
Travelling around USA with my girls.. Checking off the bucket list together.
Making new friends from all around the world.
Supportive family who are always be there for me.
Dad got his health problem sorted out.
Found a job I adore.
Learn to live in the moment with no regrets.
Do more of what makes me happy

I have learnt a lot throughout the year.
Not only from what I see and what I listen, but also from what I feel.
Life is so short to talk about bullshits, worry about stupid things, live to be someone else and many more.
Just learn to be happy, crazy, annoying, weird...Be whatever you want, just remember to be HAPPY.
Of course spend more time with your family too !


I think this pretty much sums up my thoughts for the year. Haha.

So.... 2016 Resolutions? 

1. Learn something new.

2. Quit drinking........ Joke of the day. lol  Definitely less alcohol, Less soda. Drink more water.

3. Stop growing sideways.

4. Spend more quality time with the family.

5. Travel more than 3 countries in a year.

6. Involve myself in any competition

7. Be a better person physically, and mentally

8. Earlier to bed.

9. Stop spending Valentines day alone - To all my friends and family who are worry over my future spending time talking to the wall alone...I am definitely taking this more seriously this year. Trust me. LOL

10. Love more, hate less.

Keeping it simple this year.
Hope it's significant. lol

Happy 2016 my friends !
Wishing you all a bright and happy new year ahead ! =D


Goodbye 2015.
Welcome 2016.
- xoxo -