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Friday, June 12, 2015

Pray hard.

Up late again. Nothing else to do so here I am.

This month gonna be really tough.

Was thinking so many stuffs lately. I feel really grateful to have a perfect family, awesome parents that love and care for me always.

The person that made half of my dream complete is having a hard time now...
Nothing much I can do but I really hope everything goes well..

Bypass is quite a common surgery now but for him it is not.

His heart was triggered 23 years ago (a month later when I was born) and I almost lost my dad.
It's really heartbreaking to see him taking selfies of his chest before his surgery.
Although he look very calm and ready on the surface but deep down I know that he is paranoid.

Picture that you will be hooked up with a breathing machine.. That long tube in your mouth...
Incision will be made in your chest and rib cage is spread apart...
Having cuts in your body....

No matter what heart surgery is still a big thing.

He is the BEST DAD I could ask for....

Brought me up to be whatever I wanted to be, spoiled me like a princess, and always gave the best to us.

I just pray that everything goes smoothly.....

Get well soon daddy.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

First blog post of the year_7th June 2015

Hello ! It's been quite a long while......  I know. lol

As you all know I just came back from US about a month ago and yes, I had lots of fun there. Definitely one of my best trip ever :) Well I don't think I'm gonna blog about my US trip cus it gonna take years for me to update about Just gonna briefly update my about life now.

I flew to US right after I completed my internship and now I'm back, gotta start looking for a job. 
I wish I could slack for 2 months more but time doesn't allow me to do so...Most of my course mates are either studying or working now. The more I stay at home, I feel more lazy...and useless. Well I did went for few interviews but still I have no idea on what I really want to do. I guess this is a stage where all people had to go through...

My current daily routine was to babysit my niece and hit the gym everyday...I couldn't think of doing anything better. Sick of hearing people saying me put on weight after my US trip -__- ....
I know I know. It's really annoying when people keep repeating the same thing..T_T I know it's almost impossible for me to look skinny...(though I still hope I could). So I decided to change my body goals this year. Instead of looking flat and skinny.. I wanted to look lean and fit instead...  A sexy curvy look. dayumm lol (fighting!) Sorry if I just offended you hehe

Last two days ago was my dad and my younger brother's birthday. This year is a little special becus I've moved to a new place and it's just right opposite of my cousin's house ! And so we went to celebrate their birthday together. It was really fun and had a nice catch up session with them. Yayy


With the cousie !

Of course not to forget catching up with my fav people ! :D Some actually forgot to take selfies together. Too busy talking...haha

It feels kinda doing all this again, I mean blogging about my life. Haha. Well I hope it's also a good thing to start blogging rather than just watching late night movies every day..Opps. 

Till then !

Friday, January 16, 2015

王力宏 - 《你的爱》 歌词

《你的爱》 - 王力宏

已经多少年后 感觉像才发生过
记得你说的话 记得你的温柔
在夜雾弥漫中 握紧了你的手
背着我走 一直到天长地久

不会 再忘记你 存在我的心中

原来 在你眼中 你从没放弃过

我终于才明了 你的爱多么重要
再也不会离开 紧温暖的怀抱
时间能混乱中 看到你在闪后
就像天使般在微笑 分分秒秒

不会 再忘记你 存在我的心中

原来 在你眼中 你从没放弃过

重新面对我自己 再也不怀疑
你就是所有唯一 所有原因

不会 再忘记你 存在我的心中

原来 在你眼中 你从没放弃我