Thursday, September 11, 2014

20 Queen facts.

20 facts about me?

1. Queennie Wei is my real name and Wei is my surname. It is "黄" in Chinese. 

2. I don't eat raw food. Sashimi is my nightmare. I can't. 

3. A #dieheartfan of LeeHom Wang. 

4. I don't use squat toilet. 

5. I can dance and play piano. I have been doing ballet for 13 years and teaching ballet for 5 years. I can do hip hop and girlstyle too!

6. Strong and muscular legs. 

7. I can’t swallow pills. The tongue is always blocking. lol

8. I can play basketball. I used to play it like everyday under the hot sun or even rainy day during my high school time. That is one of my best memories ever. 

9. Once I've made any decision, I don't change it. 

10. I can't live without workout/exercise. I need to get myself sweat at least once a week!

11. No smoking. tsk tsk

12. I only had one relationship so far and met a bastard recently. lol (he might be reading this but #idgaf )

13. I can forgive people easily, but I don't forget. opps

14. I laugh a lot. I always wish to bring only happiness to people around me. I love and I want to see them happy!

15. I have no balls therefore I don't watch any horror movies or any spiritual documentaries. 

16. I can talk to any type of people, whether you are nice, bitchy, ego, stupid, hatred, or whatsoever.. we will definitely have a topic. Peace!

17. Currently in love with MUAY THAI! < 3

18. I may look boyish when I talk but deep down I am pretty feminine...I think. lol

19. I'm afraid of dogs and fire. Even if the dog don't bite or bark, I feel like I may be the first victim. Even if I know that the fire is not going to hurt me, I feel like it will explode or burn my hair someday. LOL

20. Dream to have a 180cm macho boyfriend before i die.opps Hahahaha