Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 2 in France


It's day two in Paris! The temperature was -5 degree celcius this morning! It's crazy but i love winterrrrr hehe

Was having my breakfast at 9.30am with my sister. French love to have bread and cheese in every meals. It is kinda weird for us to have cheese in every meals..especially in the morning. Lol
Luckily i brought two packets of Oldtown White Coffee from Malaysia for them and Gabrielle asked to have the coffee together. 

# Bread, cereals, cake, jam, nutella, biscuits, milk etc. Western breakfast.

We had a little chit chat after breakfast in the living room. Leo, the dog, is one of the family member. He is very lovely and active. Unfortunately i have phobia towards dog. Seriously, getting close with a dog is torturing me, but somehow i found Leo to be friendly for my very very first time.

# wtf. Can you see? Leo is so so close to me! Omg. I just can't believe it. This never happened in my life!! I just have to captured this

# sister Gabrielle with Leo < 3


Gabrielle says she dislike cooking and she is bad in cooking. Our lunch took about 5 minutes to be done. Guess what is it?


No! Haha. It looks exactly like  Chinese " wantan" but it is actually a type of pasta. It has meat as the filling, and pasta as the coating. It doesn't taste like wantan at all. Not at all. It's a little salty and... Lol. I don't know. Something new to me

# haha. Look at the filling. Exactly the same

Hey! Guess what i found here!

Mandarin orange! Like seriously? Lol. Or maybe angmo use to have this normally, just that i'm a little 大惊小怪 Cus we usually only have this during CNY. Lol

# tadaaa! I miss this. Going to have this again soon but in Msia lol

Headed to the supermarket for a walk and also to grab a sim card for me.

Tonnes of chocolatesssssss 😍😍 Gabrielle is so excited for X'mas haha

# Ferrero Rocher - French loves to have this for xmas and Msian use to buy it as a gift during Valentine's day. I think i have to try Ferrero Rocher here. Perhaps it might taste different?

# wheeee. Marshmallow ! Everyone is preparing for xmas

# what-Asians-use-to-do 

# Gabrielle says I'm crazy. Lol 


I'm ready for dinner and party later. Wohooo. I was told that the party starts at 10pm and they use to have party at least once a month. The party theme was "outer space" but how am i going to dress like an alien -.-"" anyway Gabrielle says it's okay for me and since it's winter, no one bothers about that lol.


Will update the post tmr. As you know, i couldn't blog on the night after party. Hiak hiak

See yaaa!


  1. wooohh...damn nice ! Love France !!! Thanks for sharing...make me feel excited :)

    1. Hehe. Hope you enjoyed the post! Most welcome ! :D

  2. wooohh...damn nice ! Love France !!! Thanks for sharing...make me feel excited :)