Sunday, November 3, 2013

With my girls < 3

It's time for me to blog about our day out after finals! Sorry for the late update as i was been busying with my birthday preparation. Anyway, it's our last paper throughout the degree year, there is no excuse for us to hang out after exam anymore :(  But still we can hangout anytime as we want la my dear hehehe

They are my babies. My precious sweetheart. I have been spending my uni life with them together. I always appreciate all the time that we have spent together. I always remember the way how you girls smile, how you girls tease me around, the sleepy faces in class, moody faces when period came, and that stupid face when you think i'm an idiot. Hahaha. I never thought that i would have a bunch of great and awesome buddies throughout my uni life. I'm really glad that God send me angels to watch over me, we are there for each other when we are sad, sharing happiness together when we are happy. They never ask me to act like an angel, but they become my angel. You know how much i love you girls. And i always do. :))))

It is not easy to find a bunch of girls that are good in dolling up themselves, yet they are smart and pretty, and they don't study all night. Haha. I love you all laaaaa. I really have no idea what will i turn into without you girls throughout these 4 years. :")

Okay laaa. Stop being emotional. Back to topic.

So last last last week we went to Pavilion for shopping and dinner together.

Caryn, Mixue, Kah Yee, Joyce

Baby caryn *pinch pinch*

As usual, we are stucked in H&M for hours again. Haha. Decided to grab ice cream while walking back to Pavilion. We were expecting the ice cream guy to prank us with the ice cream but he did not -.-'' Anyway we were having fun taking pictures around there hahahaha. Love the brightness


Me : Mummy is not giving any ice cream to naughty girl today!
Mixue : *puppy eyes*

Dinner in Morganfield, again. Haha. 

I would highly recommend The Carnivore, Ribs Sampler or Ocean Madness if you have 4-5 pax. This is my second time having this "heavyweight“  and i think the Ribs are superb awesome ! The presentation is so nice too. I just love it and my girls too.

Snap snap snap!

Second round, Tom, Dick and Harris ! The singer on that day was bad. -,- It kinda spoiled our mood actually. Luckily we did enjoyed ourselves. hehe

Top : H&M,Bershka
Bottom : Bershka
Heels : Stylenanda

Thanks for being there for me whenever i need a listener. I will always remember the joy and happiness we had together. We used to hang out in Old Town White Coffee during lunch time, and head to Mc Donald to have ice cream for dessert. Morning session in Antipodean for breakfast with you girls was the best breakfast ever. Skipping class after k session. Oh ya, Midvalley ! Where we use to hang out together after class, before class and during break time! I miss having Snowflakes with you girls now :"(

One of the most beautiful qualities in a true friendship, was to have you girls in my life. 

I love you girls :") Gonna give you girls a big BIG hug on Monday ! See you girls < 3 hehehe

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