Tuesday, October 29, 2013


MSN Malaysia was having their Big Party event on last thursday. Lovely brother received exclusive invites and brought me along together with my Lisa yiyi and Uncle Kevin.

I always miss the time enjoying the happening moment together with them, and finally here we are again !

The event was located in Butter Factory KL, 8pm. Everyone was entitled 4 bottles of Asahi. Unfortunately the event was not as happening as we thought. The music was

Anyway, it gonna be a photolog today.

Me and my lovely yiyi :)


Ben, me, Kevin, Lisa

Photo credits to Lisa yiyi ! hehe

Till then.

Next monday gonna be an awesome Monday ! See you guys there ! :D

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I miss you, my Iphone.

I miss you, my Iphone.

This is the third month since after i lost my phone. No idea why i'm blogging about it but still i'm still upset for the lost of my phone.

I remember the first time i lost my phone happened when i was 15. That was my first phone that my dad gifted to me as my PMR reward. My dad usually do not reward us in our studies, as he feels that it was our responsibility to study well. Anyway, it is also kinda hard to get him to buy us gadgets, such like phones, camera and laptop....etc. He can allow me to spend on anything i like (eg. shopping !) but not on gadgets. No idea why...but..alright, back to the point.

So...that was my first phone, i still remember it was NOKIA 7610. He rewarded me that phone after it launched for like 2-3 weeks? That was the happiest gift i had that time. I am so excited for my new phone. However i lost it 3 days after in my ballet academy. Sad right. I actually placed my phone in my bag where i use to place and went for class. After my class,my phone was stolen.

No idea how it happened but i cried for 3 days 3 night. The reason i cried is not because the lost of the phone, it is because the guiltiness i felt. It's like dad gave me an awesome gift ever that dad don't usually do, but i actually lost it after 3 days. Recalling this incident kinda make me sad.sigh

I didn't ask for a new phone, and i don't even dare to do so, cus i think it was seriously my fault and my mistake. Btw, I guess dad knows i'm really guilty for it and he bought me the same phone right after a week. lol. That doesn't made me happy kay. It made me feel more guilty instead. I know i have a sweet dad.

And that is the reason why i am such a PHONE LOVER. Phone lover as in taking good care of phone, not buying new phone, or whatsoever in love with phone lol. 

I'm not sure whether there are people like me out there but i think i am kinda freaky.

Things that i can't tolerate when it comes to phone :-

1. Placing the phone on the table without a lay between ( even with a phone cover)
2. Drop your phone on the floor
3. Phone without screen protector
4. Use nails to wipe on screen ( especially those with long finger nails)
5. Tap the screen with excessive pressure
6. Placing phone on the floor
7. Touches phone with wet and oily hands
8. Screen with dust, dirt, oily particles
9. Drop the phone into bag without placing it properly
10. Place phone screen downwards on table

Ya ya ya. I know i know. I can roughly imagine your face expression's lol.

Yeahh. I. just. can't. help. it.

Anyway, as you all know, my Iphone 4S was been stolen 3 months ago in the cinema. I know that i will never get my phone back but still i'm hoping that one day i might found my phone back orrrrrrrrrrr even get to know where is it locating now. Although i know the possibility is only like 0.000001%? lol Till now i will still search it with Find My Iphone, and i truly understand that this apps is totally useless in Malaysia.

Just in case if you wonder what happened to my phoneeeeee

Click here!

Iphone 5 is not available in the store anymore. If Iphone 5 is available, should i wait for 5S then? Sien laaa. Dilemma. 

I'm now currently using my bro's old phone HTC with little memory space and super sloww speed. My stupid old Satio is not functioning -,-'' That's why i don't really touch my phone now.Even loading whatsapp can cause me to wait for ages. 

I am truly a Apple lover. Connecting my 3G hot spot to my Ipad and carrying it everywhere. I'm glad to have Wechat in Ipad, luckily. lol.

Sigh. End of story. Just trying to express something and blogging. I just can't wait to get a new phone now.


 Just a random pic of me

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

16/10/2013 2:38am





Friday, October 4, 2013

Hayley's wedding dinner


我的小学同学,也是中学的同伴,结婚咯! =D



这是不是我岁数开始进入另一个阶段的迹象? >__<''


我也是这么觉得。人说,结婚的女人是最漂亮的。不归是这样 :)





感觉她的婚宴,有点像同学聚会  哈哈  当然要好好拍拍照下咯!



两个傻猪猪 ;p



啊不过结婚真的很累,不论是筹备拍照等等,真的很累 -_____-









祝你幸福快乐!要幸福!哈哈哈 :)