Friday, August 23, 2013

Piccadilly - Millenium Square, Petaling Jaya

A simple fast update of yesterday dinner in Piccadilly in PJ.

This is my first visit in this so-called high class mamak. lol. Sounds funny but yeah the mamak there is considered slightly "high class" . lol

So me, Aman (aka pig, my secondary soulmate), James and Edwin were having the dinner together -  my secondary schoolmates.Three of them ordered carbonara and me decided to have grilled chicken chop with brown sauce. hehehe. Not to forget, Hoegaarden is a must. lol

As you can see the restaurant is quite big, we reached there at about 8pm, not too crowded at that time though. Basically the atmosphere quite good but i think the smells are kinda bad cus there is a big drain right beside there. lol . Still consider not that bad without the rain i think. lol
The menu kinda amazed me too as there serve variety of foods and i think there is more than 200 types maybe? Anyway, the food are considered very reasonable with this atmosphere. Regarding the taste..not too bad lah. Don't be too picky and having high expectations ,that is all i can say. Not to forger it is still a mamak, just that it is a mamak with better standard. 

 # Aman

Mamak which served grilled chicken chop and carbonara not bad right.hahahhaa

 # Grilled chicken chop

# Carbonara

 # James (first time on my blog very shy huh? lol)

 # Edwin, me and James


LG 006 & LG 007
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ
98, Jalan 14/1
46100, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: (+603) 7960 5886