Monday, July 29, 2013

[Sponsored post] Kakuubasic korean clothing online shop

Korean fashion has became one of the top leading fashion i global fashion industry. Everyone is so crazy over Korean fashion. Anything selling which stated " made in Korean" "originally from Korea" " wore by Kpop artist" etc, is selling hot and fast. This happened particularly in Asian. Seriously, even me myself is crazy over Korean brand and even some Korean model

Well, they are said to be nearly perfect, NEARLY! (nearly because some might have done plastic surgery lol) 

Anyway, it is important to purchase the quality and original product, especially when it is stated to be made in some specific country.

Kakuubasic is one of the Korean online shop which produce and design goods in South Korea, and sell it worldwide. Sounds interesting right.

Actually their main base is located in Indonesia, with representative in Singapore. They are proudly been synonymous with stylish, chic, trend, unique design, superior comfort and etc etc. Basically they are selling female fashion apparels, with korean fashion concept, also the ultimate web-based fashion brand, both nationally and internationally. 

Products are all selling online, with items like beachwear, dresses, top, skirt, accessories, and cardigans.They also have special deals from time to time, and categorised them according to newly released and best seller category. Items are sold in USD rate

The best thing of it i think would be.... everything is MADE IN KOREA

It is kinda hard to purchase real Korean apparels nowadays as many online shop is selling fake Korean products. Kakuu basic is concerned with the original of the products as all products are not only Korean Style, but they are all so originally made in Korea! ( and not some sort of china made products)

Hence, just enjoy shopping in Kakuubasic ! Original, good quality and services are available in Kakuubasic !!

Here are some of the items sponsored :- 

(a) Blouse - twisted chest chiffon blouse USD 47.50

Simple chiffon polka dot blouse. 
Little vintage style. 

(b) Skirt - Stretch simple mini skirt (red) USD 23.80

The mini skirt is considered as high waisted as other mini skirt selling around is kinda short. I prefer this length as it could cover my waist a little, matching with a crop top. The material is comfy btw. 

 (c) Dress - Feminine flowery waist banding mini dress USD 52.20

Flora dress unlike my usual style, but still it look so good in matching with vintage style. The quality is very good. Layered of chiffon. 

The quality is considered to be comfortable, simple yet stylish fashionable and they are providing global shipping ! 

And good news is, they are providing FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING for minimum purchase of USD100 ! Anyway it only applies to standard shipping. Limited time offer only ! Stop hesitating ! Check out their website now !

Oh yeah, 5% discount is given to new member. So sign up as a member now before making any order. 

For more updates, kindly "like" their facebook and "follow" their twitter page too!

For more enquiries, you can always contact kakuubasic through whatsapp !

Anyway there is a GOOD NEWS for my READERS !!!!

Free gift is provided upon first purchase in Kakuu basic, only with my name mentioned.

 Eg. Recommended by QUEENNIE WEI. or you can also mentioned you get to know their products through my blog. 

Simple and easy !So nice right.

For the first purchase, you are able to receive :

- 5% discount as new member
- Free gift provided for my readers
- Free global shipping ( only if purchase >USD100 )

So what are you hesitating now? Check out their website and grab the items now !!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Souled out @ Sri Hartamas

# Short vlog of me and my gang

Souled Out night with the gang. The busiest gang that i ever had. The last time i blogged about them was last year story. We use to meet one year once, yes, reservation made a year ago. Now here is them, like finally.

I've made a 7 pax reservation on that afternoon, and so cute of them actually printed my name out and placed it on the table. Unfortunately 2 persons couldn't make it last minute :( sad .

Anyway, still we had lotsa fun and happy talk that night. We love to share and crap together. So much fun we had that day. Unforgettable moments. We actually plan to give the old belated birthday girl a birthday suprise, and yeap so we decided to make it in Souled Out as both of us miss their carbonara alot !!

# Can you see my name hehehhee

# I have no idea why i asked her to hold that card lol

# The birthday girl with boyfie

Was busy selca-ing while waiting for the two macho. #girlsbeinggirls

# Me and.....okay. Beer again. Hooray !

Me and Tan jin both actually ordered carbonara, me with spaghetti and her one with fettuccine. She said that fettuccine doesn't taste that good as compared to spaghetti. Seriously i'm so deadly in love with their carbonara. No idea why. :( The beef bacon is so nice. Reasonable somemore.

# Look at the pasta. Gosh i'm hungry. That's the reason why i'm so lazy to blog about food. -,-''

Here's the macho !

# Me and Bau Bau

Well, seems both of them not that macho already. One gained weight, one lost weight. Hahahahahahaha. They gonna hate me for saying so i know hahaha

# Me and my twin brother Wong 

Look at their gay face. shit lol

Still i love you guys lah kay. haha

The birthday suprise doesn't seem very suprising though. lol. Perhaps the waiter placed it on the table too randomly. Haha. Anyway, i think she did enjoyed alot

# Here's the birthday girl and the birthday cake. Happy 21st birthday my woman !!

# The birthday girl and her boyfie, no idea why they look so awkward here. lol

 # photo taken using iphone

I still remember we gave you the first birthday suprise during foundation year. Haha. Someone just came back from shower and her hair is all wet, shouting when she saw us in her room. Best memorable moments ever.

Gosh im gonna show an FUGLY picture of me with her during foundation. Can't believe it's already 3 years back. Shit.

I love you lah woman. Thanks for accompanying me everytime when i need a listener. No matter i'm sad or happy, you are the person that i would love to share with. I know i've been so stubborn for the past few years, and yet you never gave up on me. haha. You know what i meant right. heeeee.

BFF. < 3

Haha. Everyone is grabbing this cute little thorn to play with.

# noob face.

Our gathering always contain lotsa laughters. Glad that each of us never forget each other even though we are all busy for studies while they are busy for their work. I always enjoy laughing and doing stupid things with them. No wonder why they always complain me has no image at all. #whocares

# So sweet of Souled Out. They actually  took a photo of us and printed it out on the spot for us as a gift. Sweet daooooooooooo

# (left) Bau, me, Wong, Kc, Tan jin

# The brothers and sisters. Too bad lack of someone :(

Happy night with full of laughters. I really hope to have more gathering like tonight my friends. Please make some time for me if available. Hahaha. Well perhaps you guys should be the one that say that to me hehehe

Anyway, cheer up my brothers ! We are always together. No one shall be forgotten or left behind.

Love you guys la < 3  =]

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY WOMAN ! I love you so so much ! heeee.


Top     : Zara

Bottom          : Forever 21

Sneaker     :         H&M 

Bag       : Prada


No. 20, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Reservations:03 2300 1955
012 200 1955
Fax:03 2300 1989
Catering & Events:012 361 6522 / 012 939 0811
Booze Cruiser:
012 200 1955

Business Hour

Mondays - Fridays:Noon till 3pm,
6pm till closing
Saturdays & Sundays:6pm till closing

Monday, July 15, 2013

Beer Factory @ Setia Walk

Went to Beer Factory to accompany an emo bestie of mine. Yea, an emo

I think this is the first time i post about her in my blog. Anyway, is a SHE, not a HE. I have to clarify first kay. Hahahaha.

So last week we actually went to Beer Factory, Setia Walk to have a drink together. Simple because they are having promo , cheap beer, and yeah very near. Safe and short distance to fetch someone back, just in case.

As you can see from the picture above, RM35nett for one bucket of Tiger. Wait what? hahahah.

Well we actually went to drink quite often. We know each other since form 1, and since that time we are close bestie till now. She is definitely NOT a good drinker. I have to take care of her for every drinking session. lol  sad

Btw,this doesn't mean that imma a good drinker kay. I don't really drink one. Cus i don't like to drink, i just LOVE. lol lol lol lol

# Aman

# Apalah. Blurred pula.

# Cheers ! *wink*

We ordered an Aloha Pizza cus i love too drink and EAT at the same time. Not bad lahh.  Just nice for two to three person to finish it, with small appetite. Hahaha.

p/s : Purposely eat vege only in the afternoon as night already plan to drink with this stupid pig.

# Emo-wannabe-look. Failed.

# Yam ahhhhh.

Overall the environment is considered so so for that day. Not too noisy. But kinda crowded.

Service improved ABIT lahh.

ABIT only. Since the last incident, i don't really expect much from there. lol

Anyway i have made a short video. Right at the top of the post.

I think i found interesting in doing short vlog. This makes my blogpost more interesting too right? Yay yay. Heeeeee.