Sunday, June 23, 2013

Restaurant Taiping Lang, Puchong - Food Review

Restaurant Taiping Lang 

Hihi ! Food post again today.

A simple, quick and wonderful lunch with my bro and mummy today at Taiping Lang, located in Puchong.

This restaurant is well known in Puchong area as they serve good Nyonya food in town. Well, this is my first time visiting here, recommended by my mom. She told that the owner of the restaurant was her friend, and her mom will be on the show of Astro Hua Hee Tai next week teaching how to cook Nyonya dishes.

I think this place is quite popular cus the wall is full of pictures with famous local and international celebrities. Ahh. I even spotted Dato' Lee Chong Wei's picture. lol

Nice atmosphere overall. The whole restaurant is filled with " nyonya" ambience. As you can see they decorate the whole restaurant with classic nyonya style furnitures and hanged some antique nyonya cooking utensils on the wall. 

p/s: Sorry that I did not manage to take photos of the environment cus I am too busy to eat ! Haha. Fail blogger. Blogger failed. Yeah I know. 

# Say hi hi to my new family member ! I'm a part time mama now. 

# Shit. I look so chubby here ! -,-

Basically they serve food in set. You can mix and pick any dishes you like in the set menu as you like. 

So we decided to order Set D as me and mummy want to try their Curry Nyonya!

# Hang Ba 冬菇烘肉

Hoho. I will rate this 3 over 5 stars. Reason because, my mom can cook better than that. Hahahaha. Sorry to say so, but indeed, i have an awesome chef mama. Wheee. 
Anyway, the taste is quite heavy, the mushrooms are covered with the rich flavour and smell of Hang Ba. Not too bad to have a try, cus this is one of the popular dish.

# Kiam Chai Buey 酸什菜

Rate 3 over 5 stars. lol. The taste is not heavy enough. I think they should cook it longer. Or they should add more Kiam Chai? I don't know. The taste is just lack of "something". 

Comment : So so only. 

# Gulai Hu  加里鱼

Rate 4 over 5 stars. Now this is gooooood. I love this ! Nyonya style completely. Wheeee. 
The taste turns salty after some times. So I would suggest you to quickly consume it while it is still hot.
Taste, okay. Smell, okay. Fish is fresh. Overall, worth to try . 

# Toufu

Additional dish - Toufu. Just a normal toufu. Yum yum. 

All sets come with soup, and rice/ porridge. This is a 3 person order amount.

# " Baby say yeah ! look at the camera and smile please !"

# " Ignore me again ! ishh. "

# " Fine. I will just pretend as if i'm taking the picture with you. zzzzzzzzz "

Overall,I think their dishes are kinda overrated. Perhaps I have too high of expectation of the food when I first saw all pictures and news posted on the wall. 

Anyway, food tasting is very perceptional. Do not be influenced by my review. 

It is worth to try and discover good food. 

Enjoy your weekend !

Restaurant Taiping Lang 太平人

No.19-01, Jalan Kenari 18B,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100, Puchong Selangor.

Business hours:
Tues - Sunday (closed on monday)
Lunch : 11.30am to 3.00pm
Dinner : 6.00pm to 10.00pm

Contact number:
03-8076 2686

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