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Stylenanda review - # ice cream kit ( 3 Concept Eyes)

Wheee! Time for some product review update! Previously receive pretty good response from my readers regarding my Stylenanda Products Review, so, I decided to continue blogging all products that I've bought from Stylenanda, again, and agained! opps.

I really wish I could visit their store in Korea, and if if if if if and if possible, I really hope I could meet my 女神 PARK SORA T_______T .That's my dream, seriously.

So, this is my third time purchasing products from Stylenanda again. My first products sharing is mainly about cosmetics. Guess what, I will also be doing their shoes and eyewear review too! But not will do it in another post, seperately. 


This is the cutest make up kit I love so far! Look at the packaging, written there ice cream kit, with ice cream  pattern on it, so lovely! That Tiffany blue color make up kit really caught my attention!So cute and sweet right. So many strawberry ice cream icon somemore. hehehe.

# MINT CARAMEL                                          

# My forever and ever love - Park Sora.

As usual, STYLENANDA always packed everything well to avoid any damage caused on items during delivery process. I love how the way they wrap the items using air bubble plastic, that can prevent any damages caused on our items. 

p/s: You will never know what would happen to your items during delivering process. -_-

# This is the outer layer of the box.

# The outlook of ice cream kit. hehehe # MINT CARAMEL kit

# Unlike other cosmetic kit, the ice cream kit is packaged in a magnetic closing box

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So excited to see how does the ice cream kit really looks right!

Speaking frankly, this is the most reasonable, even though it might not be the cheapest, but it is affordable and so worth to be purchased ! Moreover this make up kit is imported from KOREA, yet STYLENANDA!!

Look at the eye shadow palette above. This ice cream kit includes cheek powder, eyes shadow, highlighter and also a lipstick. As you can see from the picture, most of the color are likely orangy, pastel orange color. They uses the ice cream concept, producing a cosmetic kit with 3 ice cream color of  eye shadow palette. They were also selling another ice cream kit,  # PINK BISCUIT, with various color of pastel pink and neon pink of make up palette. 

So, the color is depending on which you like or you prefer. Like me, i purchased this #MINT CARAMEL kit simply because i did not own any orangy caramel series of make up set so far. I think that the #PINK BISCUIT is not bad either. 

Since the make up kit is composed by all best seller items of 3 concept eyes, therefore you have no other reason not to purchase it ! Come on, it is a compact make up kit of 3 concept eyes! Moreoever this small little piece of color palette can be used for so long you know! The eye shadows contain glitter somemore, madness!

I have actually indicated the each palette, with color and which is which. Check out the picture below :-

The Jumbo Lip Crayon was one of the hot selling items in STYLENANDA. I'm so in love with all their lip colors. 

#PINK BISCUITS ice cream kit lip crayon is in Neon Pink white in #MINT CARAMEL is pop orange. Well, if you are a fair like person, i suggest you to take this make up kit. I think pop orange would look good on fair skin compared to tanned skin. Moreover, pop orange lip color is a MUST in Korean fashion !

I mean, if you want to look or pretend to be a Korean, go get yourself a pop orange lip color now ! 


If you have a darker skin tone, #Pink biscuit series is more suitable for you ,as the color in pink biscuit is able to lighten and brighten up ur skin tone! :)

# This is the back view of the kit

# Picture of #PINK BISCUIT kit,which includes face blush (#baby chou), highlighter (#gold pink), eye shadow (#venus, go-light and valenti), and jumbo lip crayon (#neon pink).

Overview :-

This cosmetic is definitely worth to buy! It only cost you $39.63 USD! If you convert it to Malaysian Ringgit, it does not cost you more than RM130! Hey, come on, this make up kit consist of every essential make up set that you need, 3 types of eyeshadow color, lip crayon, cheek powder and highlighter somemore! What do you expect more! You just need to keep this make up kit in your beg, and you are ready to touch up your make up like anywhere !

If you want me to calculate seperately for you, let's look at the analysis below.

A normal size of jumbo lip crayon cost you $16.51USD (2.5g).
As in the mini size of jumbo lip crayon is about 1.3g.
Therefore, the mini size of jumbo lip crayon cost you about $8.58USD

For the cheek blush, it cost you $18.72USD (5.5g)
In ice cream kit, the weight of blush is 4.5g.
Hence, the price of the blush cost in the kit is about $15.32USD

Gold pink highlighter normal price $13.21USD (4.8g)
In ice cream kit, the weight of highlighter is 4.5g.
The total cost off highlighter in ice cream kit is $12.38USD

While the total amount of three of the one eye shadow cost you about $13.65USD (4g).

Normal price : $49.93USD
Ice-cream kit : $39.63USD

In other words, you are able to save $10USD (about RM30) by purchasing this ice cream kit! And you are also able to own these 4 components all at once! Imagine if you purchase it seperately, how much does it cost you? Furthermore, do you manage to finish all the cosmetics that you've bought?

I believe that girls do not own one of each type of cosmetic set only, right? Hahaha.

Moreover the packaging of the makeup kit is so adorable! How can you not buy it?! #girlsbeinggirls

Anyway, I will be doing a make up tutorial soon in using the ICE CREAM make up kit. Heeeee. So I can ahare and show how to use the product, and also explain the use of the product. 

Stay tuned!

Anyway, here's some shipping fees tips for you girls!

All international shipping fees policy are as below:-

For purchase price between,

$0USD - $100USD , shipping price is $20USD

$100USD - $200USD ,shipping price is $10USD

For purchase price above $200USD, all shipping fees are EXCLUDED!


So, I would advise you to gather your friends to purchase together, by then you can save your shipping fees there.  Cus it's kinda expensive to pay for the shipping fees, whereby the shipping fees might cost you more than your items purchased -,- Moreover RM60 shipping fee isn't worth at all -,-

Hope you like my post !

Review of eyewear and shoes will be updated soon. So stay tuned readers! =]

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