Monday, December 23, 2013

Queen in Paris

A simple and summarize post of these two weeks in Paris.

P/s : almost completed the post but phone automatic restart. Wtf wtf wtf

Now i have to retype everything. ISHHHH

Anyway, it's day 15 in France. Time flies. I have spent 14 days in France and one more day to Christmas! Yeahh! It is week 3 and i am coming back very soon. Little happy to meet my family and friends , yet little sad to leave this wonderful and warm family. Started to adapt the weather, the environment and culture here but i only left 2 weeks here. Awhh. I hope time could pause for a while. I just don't love the feeling of leaving.

So these two weeks we have been to the top of Eiffel tower, to Montmatre, the wall of love, to the high school, to Notre Dame of Paris, to Champ Elysee again, for the night view and also ice skating session with the sisters!

It was a fun and awesome week in France. Thanks to the lovely sister that try to spend her time with me. Feeling loved here. Hehe.


Eiffel tower

So this is my second time to Eiffel tower after a week, but my first time going to the top of the tower, and also the first time hanging out with all the sisters! Hehe.

Eiffel tower is always my dream and i never thought that i could visit France alone when i am 21! I always thought that i will visit Paris when i am 28 with a little money, or with my hubby for honeymoon, or worse case that i will have no chance to see Eiffel tower in real! Therefore that feeling to see Eiffel tower and go to the too of the tower was little nervous yet excited , complicated feelings. 

It took us about an hour to queue for the tickets. I was told that during summer the line could take up to 3 or 4 hours just to buy the tickets. Thats sounds crazy .

# look at the crazy queue 😰

You can actually choose to take stairs or elevator up to the top. And sure we will be taking elevator cus the weather is too cold and it would be too scary for me to do so. Lol

# half way up and we are ready to go to the top top top!

Anyway, the scene from the top was absolutely beautiful and impressive! Most of the pictures are in my camera so too bad i couldn't show all the photos but only few in my phone camera. 

# the first scene when we walked out from the first stop of elevator. *SCREAM*

# Ahhh. Look at this beautiful city. Heart melts

Trying to do selfie top of there but it was too cold and windy. I have to take off my gloves to use my phone, can you imagine my hands are actually freezing up there but still wanna show the " peace" pose. Lol

It would be really romantic to line up, to take the elevator up to the top, viewing the impressive beautiful scene of Paris on the top of the tower, and enjoy champagne up there. Awwww. I need to come back again with my loved one. I don't careeeeeee.

We also went to the opposite of Eiffel Tower, just across the bridge to take some photos. 

# can i bring you home pls??

# Aww. Lovely sisters Lauriane and Julie .

Uhm, okay i will rephrase it. Not some, we took alot. Lol! Will post it on facebook when i'm back :P


Ahhh. The second place that i would wish to visit again in Paris. This place is just too beautiful!

The sun just came at the right time. Beautiful sun with this weather, little cold but yet a little warm from the sun, shine on the little town in Paris. 好漂亮啊~

Can't stop saying " WHUAAAAAA" in Boh bian, this is suagu first trip to Europe mahh. Lol 

The first thing came into my mind when i saw the church was, " is this Taj Mahal??". Lol. Please forgive my ignorant. Lol

Anyway, you can see many people sitting along the stairs. Some are reading books, some playing music with guitar, some brought wine and food to enjoy it with the beautiful scene, and some just sat there quietly with the love partner. Ahhhh. Too romantic. "Can you feel my love ", i totally understand and feel it in this town. Seriously.

Since no pictures are allowed in the church, so a picture of me with the door of the church. Hahahaha.


Btw, 我其实静悄悄地摸了墙壁,那种感觉,好激动哦!lol

# This photo looks a little 老土 but whatever la. The only pic of me with the church in this phone. Lol

Along the street you can see many artists selling drawings or paintings by them. There is a little corner where most of the artists gather there and do portrait drawings and sell beautiful drawings.And  yeap, if you wonder do they wear the french painter's hat, yes! They do! Hahaha.

P/s : if you planned to buy Eiffel tower keychains for souvenir, grab it here! It is only 1 Euro for 5! Opps. Haha. And here is a little like small Bangla town cus you can see many Bangla here. But it is good though, they can speak fluent english and it is better for us to communicate, in terms of potong harga. Hahaha.

You must never missed the Wall of Love in Montmartre. We actually found it the day before in Facebook, where it was stated in the " Top 10 romantic places in the world" . The wall is written full with more than 300 languanges of the word " I love you". Awwwww

The "awwwwwwww...ful" face of mine. Lol

It was a fun and awesome day. We were so crazy and happy together. Hehe. xoxo

Nontre Dame of Paris

One of the most famous church in Paris that you must visit. The just is way bigger than the church in Montmartre. Pictures are allowed in the church but condition without flash. Everyone has to remain silent in the church as a respect to the prayer, and to the church. 

You can see colourful windows of the church, with 超细腻的手工. Sorry ya, 我的英文形容词有限 lol

# The side view of the church

There is a park that link to the Bridge of Love. The one with many locks on it. Love partner will lock their names together on the bridge and throw the keys into the river. Awww.

There are 3 bridges with lock in Paris. This bridge, which is beside the church, was the oldest and with most locks on it.  

# look at the locks ! 多到~

I told myself i will come back to Paris again with my loved one and lock our names on the bridge. Hehe. Yea, you're right, like in the movie. That is how people start dreaming and how dream actually come true. Haha. 

Ahh. I wish i could upload videos of Paris here. Ishh

And so , night we went to the park nearby Champ Elysee for a walk. 

Here you go a picture of me, Gabrielle, amd her honey :P

好漂亮啊!我是指风景,没有好恋k lol

Party night on Day 2

Remember that i told i will be going to a  party organize by students? Wheee. It was fun! The place is little like a garage but i have no idea how they actually made it into like another place.

Again, more pictures are in my camera. So..... Yea.

Crazy peepos!

p/s : i know what are you looking at, that is not my hand. Lol

Till then. 

Merry Christmas all my friends and readers! Lots of love from France!  < 3

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 3 in Paris

It's day 7 ! Time flies. Left 3 weeks here :(

Sorry for not updating my blog for the past few days as i am staying over in Ying Ying ( another student exchange from Malaysia ) 's host family house. 

This is our first time to Paris with mama and Lulu. They are such a nice and friendly family. Eventhough we are having some language barrier with mama and Lulu couldn't speak fluent english but they did try their very best to communicate and explain everything to us. Mama even brought her small little dictionary out with us. Haha. 

 # ChampElysee

I bet most of you know this street huh ;) but seriously i couldn't remember the name, i only know all branded stuff are here ( Chanel, Prada, LV etc) lol. Now you know where is Champ Elysee? Haha. 

I was told to be careful with my belongings as they are many pickpockets whom target tourists like us, especially Asians. They love to target Asians cus they think that we might be really rich since we have money to go for a trip in Europe. And, Asians, like me, who love to take photos usually forget about their belongings when they are busy with the beautiful scene. Lol.  So... Just beware. 

But still, Paris is a wonderful place! It's one of my dream to be there. And it came true now! < 3

# me, mama, Ying Ying

# we and the lovely Lulu 

# this is a picture for you my friend ( who love Cartier so so much ) ;)

We went for shopping for a while before lunch. 

This is Sephora! They are having X'mas sale i think. So many people here 😰😰

Vesuvio ( lunch )

This restaurant is just so great < 3

Baguette is served in every meal. French loves baguette, very very very very much. Lol. Baguette is served bottomless, and you can always take it away, if you want. Lol

# Coke! Ahh. My saviour lol

This is the BEST! T.T saliva drooling when bloggine about this. Two scoops of ice cream as my dessert which actually just made my day! 那种甜在心里,化在嘴里的感觉 T.T 好久没有吃到这么感动的冰淇淋了!

Lulu's chocolate is superb awesome. Seriously. I never thought that it would taste so awesome. The mousse taste like ice cream, 绵得来还有口感,放进嘴里融化的时候,浓浓的巧克力🍫香味散发出来,这是天堂吗? 超感动的 T______T

# random lol

# the only ootd throughout the week. Haha

Ahhh. 第一次看到铁搭的感觉,兴奋到一直尖叫 !

# me and the beautiful x'mas decorations 

It's a fun and awesome day 3! Many to blog about with photos in my camera. Ahh, i need my laptop! 

Christmas market!!

The market is only available during x'mas!   So many people and so crowded there.

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Ok. Gtg. Gonna continue it later !