Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Silver Spoon - Food Review

So to continue my previous post..

We went to SILVER SPOON for dinner! Decided to eat at Fat Boy at first but too many people and we have to wait. And so, we decided to makan at Silver Spoon!  (btw, that day Fat Spoon, then wanna try Fat boy, but end up Silver Spoon! What's with the spoon spoon and fat fat ah? No other name meh? lol.)

Basically the environment is quite relaxing, quite,romantic and contemporary. Tables were all packed but still we managed to get ourself a sits! yay!

# Simple design of Silver Spoon menu.

Not much of varieties and choices of food though. However they served nice and quality food.

# Herbs & Garlic toast

The garlic toast is so so crispy and nice! It taste so Garlic! haha. What am I Rich garlic taste with herbs smell!

# Mushroom soup


# Classic Carbonara

When i saw the portion of the pasta, the first thing came into my mind was, " So little only ah??"
But when I try to finish the whole thing.... I only understand why they only give this small little portion. The carbonara is so creamy and cheezy. People who love creamy texture definitely love this dish ! This small little portion is more than enough for you to finish it..cus it has a cheezy texture, causes you to have a satiated feel. So now you understand why the chef gave this small little portion? lol.

# Spaghetti  P.... I've forgotten the name.Sh*t. Uhm, overall comment, it is good but..I think they put too much of olive oil, so kinda geli after having too *English fail!*


# I think this is " Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce" or " Boneless grilled chicken" . Something like that lah. lol. Soft tendon chicken texture, together with the rich mushroom sauce. Yum yum. Recommended to lazy food lovers. lol  

# Me and Spaghetti "P"

 # That's my lovely baby.

# Hiak! Did you notice anything..? lol!

# Non-stop camho...errrr.

 # Last but not least.. Girl's all time favourite..complimentary DESSERT! Not complimentary not so happy yet, will only be excited when it is free! hahaha. 

Overall it is definitely an affordable and recommended place for you to try an authentic Italian cuisine here.

Thanks for reading ! :)

Silver Spoon
Location : Publika, G2-33 LEVEL G2
Contact no. : +603 6201 6800

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