Saturday, September 1, 2012

STYLENANDA - Products Review

Hi everyone ! Today I would like to share items I bought from StyleNanda online. 

I had been subscribing their updates and checking out their products for a long time. Unfortunately I have no enough money to purchase their products.Well. I should say, their products were not expensive, even though some were expensive, but their products are certainly good in quality. Anyway, the expensive part was the shipping fees. It costs me $20USD to purchase 3 products this time. 

StyleNanda, have you heard of it? It was a online Korean webshop, selling fashion brand stuff which are all originally from Korea. Their items were so nice and stylish. Especially their heels < 3

Sora, one of the Stylenanda models, was one of my favourite model, aka my 女神 ! She's so pretty ! Love the way how she dress up herself, her style, how she carry herself. Natural beauty <3 font="font" lurvesss="lurvesss">

Alright ! Let me show you the products i bought from Stylenanda. I only  ordered cosmetics products this time. Heeeee. 

Brand of cosmetic products - 3 CONCEPT EYES , owned by Stylenanda


- This face oil was specially made to produce a healthy and glossy skin 
- Apply it before foundation or base
- It provides high moisture to your face by providing a protective layer, thereby reduces the flakiness of skin
- 100% natural 

A thin cardboard paper was placed in between the bottle and the box so to avoid damage of bottle.

This is very suitable for mm which suffers from dry skin and flakiness of skin. It gives you a high moisture and glowing effect to your skin at the same time, resulting a healthy skin .

The hand of left shows BEFORE, and hand of right shows AFTER, applying enrichment face oil
- The great thing was, it was NOT OILY at all ! At first, i thought the oil would give a very oily texture, but, it does not ! The time when you pour out the face oil, you apply it directly to your face, you will notice the oil gradually turn into a wax form and absorbed directly into the face. 


- Glossy effects !


- Blend easily
- Natural colour, produce a flawless skin
- Moisture base, gives a glossy feel 

 - They have few type of colour : Natural Ivory, Soft Beige, Milk Ivory and Nude Beige

-  - However, this foundation is not suitable to conceal blemishes. You may apply a darker base before you apply this foundation. 

-  I've applied the foundation after face oil treatment. Giving a double glossing effect. Woots !

Before applying Foundation (left), After applying foundation (right)
- According to the picture above, it is obvious that the hand on left looks fade whereby the hand on right looks more glossy and waterful.

-  If  you are a fan of KPOP, you may noticed that all of the singers has GLOSSY face. Flawless. Natural. 

-  And for your information, we don't call it as "oily", we call it HEALTHY.


-  This is definitely 3 concept. Why?
     1. Lip pigment colour mixtures
     2. Lip pigment + Foundation = Liquid Blusher
     3. Lip pigment  + shadow powder = Eye shadow / liquid liner

Electro Pink 
- They have many series of lip pigment colour. All of them were so nice ! I wish i could get them all ! T.T

Step 1 -  Conceal your lip with lip concealer
Step 2 -  Apply lip pigment using lip brush

-  The texture is creamy, striking colour, easily blend .


Add lip pigment with some shadow powder, you may use it as a liner


 To use it as a liquid blusher : 

Glossy foundation ( or any of your foundation) + lip pigment

Blend it together 
Besides, they are also giving a mini nail polish from 3 concept eyes as a thanks-gift to customers for purchasing their products! Awwww.  :-**

Their products are really good in quality and 100% origin. I love their concept so so much. They always give customers best quality and style.

Anyway, these 3 three products cost me about $94USD. I received it 6 days after I made my payment. Efficient right? Wheeeeeeeeeeee.

You may checkout their website ------>

They also have nice clothes and dresses ! Will share their fashion clothes with you girls too, if i manage to made another purchase again. IF lahh. Hahahaha :P 

Hope you like my sharing.

Oh ya, FYI ! I've cut my LONG HAIR T.T

Nice or not? Haha. I've dye my hair again. Cannot tahan, i miss this colour. Hehe !

Done it at Shunji Matsuo New Generation Salon. May check it out their facebook page if your like ! 

Hope you like my products review today ! :D 

Holidays end in one day -,- See you guys soon ! ;D

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  1. I like the pink colour! so sweet in pink! btw, u still look pretty in a shorter hair! :D

  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Hi, nice blog you have! Thanks for sharing, will check out this website soon =)

  4. how long does the lip pigment last?

  5. Hi!! I was wondering how much you had to pay for shipping??? If you live in the US.??

    1. It's $20 for orders under $100, $10 for under $200, and free for $200 and more :)

    2. Thank you so much for the review, I'm dying to wait for more reviews on this brand! I want to buy their Jumbo Lip Crayons and I love all the colors they have, just not sure about the texture. My lips are super dry and I need something lightweight and hydrating. Please let me know if you ever try their Jumbo Lip Crayon. Thank you!

    3. Will update my next product review soon! Thanks for supporting! :)

  6. Hi, I love 3 Concept Eyes too! If you're interested in another review on 3 Concept Eyes makeup by Stylenanda, visit and follow my blog!!!

  7. stumble upon your blog about 3CE :) I definitely want to purchase from stylenanda. it's been a year since i follow their blog but i haven't make any purchase cuz i'm afraid. after reading your review, i think i should make a purchase :D

  8. omg youre so pretty ^^ anyway i got my lip pigment mink beige and mellow pink! i love 3CE Mellow Pink >.<

  9. Hi there! Can tell me what shade did you use for the foundation?

  10. Hello pretty! Can I know what brand color lens are you wearing? :))

    1. I think the color lens is not available in the market anymore :(

  11. Hi! I reallyyyy need your help here... So I received an email saying that my order has been accepted by Stylenanda and is expected to arrive within 7-14 days but it has no shipping information whatsoever. By order accepted, does that mean its on its way?

  12. Hi! I reallyyyy need your help here. So I just received an email from Stylenanda saying that my order has been accepted and is expected to arrive within 7-14 days but it does not say that it has been PACKED and also no shipping information whatsoever. By order accepted, does that mean its on its way?

    1. Hi ! Sorry for the later reply.

      They will send the shipping information to you when the parcel is ready. No worries :)