Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Second hand clothes (2)

Hey peeps ! Second hand / pre-loved clothes for today's post ! 

(1) Nicole jeans

Size : S
Price : RM25

(2) ELLE top

Size : S
Price :  2 for RM15

(3) Nicole Top

Size : S
Price : RM20

(4) Nicole outer

Price : RM15

Items above were not own by me. It's by a friend of mine. If you're interested in items below, you may just pm me directly. And i will direct you to her :)
Not many items this time but will post it up once I completely clear up my wardrobe. :D

Uni life just resume for 2 weeks and exam is around the corner again. Sien. Why lahh exam exam exam and exam. My life never ended with exam thingy. Piano exam. Ballet exam. Schools exam. -,-
How many exams have i taken? Hmm. 200? Or more than that? Haha.

Will be blogging very frequently this time. hehe. A friend of mine from Japan will be visiting me again.Wohoo! Can't wait for the next gathering ! I remember i only met him once, we exchange email address in the X'mas party, and now we're still keeping in touch !I think it's been 3 years time till now.Awwww. He told me that he went Chine for studies last year. Please please please don't tell me he turned into another "China man" again please. lol. 

Monday !! 4 more days to go!! zomgggggggg

Jiayou jiayou Queennie Wei ! I know i can do it ! :D


  1. Post more 2nd hand clothes as I'm too poor for first hand now HAHAH XD

    Langkawi Island Getaway-TO THE SEA! Day 2

  2. Simple casual clothes! Too bad too small for me, hehe :P