Monday, August 13, 2012

New blogskin

Yayyy! Like finally there was time for me to update my blog ! Poor little blog, always dumped my me. I'm so sorry :-*************

 There was so much thing that i wanna blog and share. Wheeeeee!

 Alright, first thing about my blog. I bet you all noticed i have changed my blogskin right? Received comments from readers regarding my flora background was too dazzling. lol. So I decided to change it to this pastel plain background. Look much more better than the previous one?I know right... LOL.

 So what am i going to blog about today? No tutorials. No products sharing. Haha. I know you gonna hate me :P

 Will be updating my blog very frequently. Many products sharing and tutorials coming very soon. No worries !!

 At the same time, i wanna say thanks to all my readers! I know there were many people read about my previous post, which was the diet journey post. Felt happy when my readers actually understand the struggle and pain that i have been through. I really hope that this super long and post is able to inspire ladies, like me or you, or him, to get over this. Having a nice and skinny body doesn't mean a thing when you don't even have a healthy body. :) Here im gonna share some pictures of after finals celebration and an advance birthday suprise for Joyce and Michelle ! Wheeee <3 font="font">

Le twins !

GOSH! I look super chubby here !!!=@@@@@

heeee < 3

More to update coming weeks ! Stay tuned ! Pre-loved clothes coming again !

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  1. nice blog skin, but your picture is abit off from the box post. (u click extra large eh? or original size?)

    have a nice day hehe