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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Suki-Ya Japanese Buffet

Hi readers ! 

Decided to blog in english today ! Hehe. I personally prefer to blog in chinese, anyway there are also readers who cannot understand chinese. I understand. I will try my best okie? ;D

So here i am ! Had a wonderful crazy moment with crazy gang again yesterday night ! Haha. They are " awesome" ! They awesome i meant was.... HOW DO THEY FINISH 30 PLATES OF SLICED MEAT !
Wait, there are still other side cream..etc..

Anyway, there ain't normal human. So please don't compare yourself with them guys. lol.

We had our dinner Japanese buffet in Suki-ya at Paradigm Mall. This is my first time having Sukiyaki buffet in Malaysia. Sounds interesting. However the food were not bad overall. I cannot compare them with Japan one. But they serve fresh meat. Not bad right. 

They have three choices of meat : Chicken, Lamb and Beef. Too sad that they have no pork. ;(

After billing i only realised i had forgotten to take pictures of all food and surrounding atmosphere. Ish. Fail blogger betul ! >< So sorry readers ! But i think i will visit there again as the food are all not bad, and the price isn't pricey at all. Very reasonable.

# From left : Oliver, June

# Ah Wong, Ah Bao

Sukiyaki and Kimuchi soup base
Basically the atmosphere were quite noisy, crowded , limited space...  However the food are nice and fresh, clean environment, good service. Worth to try :)

The crazy kungfu gang. lol.

Group picture !

Hi! This is me ! lol. Why la you smoke smoke at this time..

Enjoying ice cream cone !

The very first picture of Ah Bao and Me :P

Group picture in front of the restaurant
You only have 2 hours to finish your dinner. It is less than RM50 person. Still consider reasonable right? :)

After first round, second round we decided to "visit" Kajang. Haha. Yeahh, they stay in Kajang. So we went to 21st century cafe in Kajang, which i've been told i can see nice view of twin tower. lol. Let's see huh.

I think this two guys were too excited ! lol ! Have you both taken your medicine today?

21st century cafe

We didn't had any snacks there, only drinks. This cafe located at the hill, Bukit Mewah. Well, i was quite excited to see the view of KL tower. Unfortunately, we fail to see KL tower yesterday night. lol. They told me that KL tower do not lights up yesterday. Okay, so coincident. Boh bian.

Tan Jin woman ! :D

Jumbo fresh watermelon juice for two person

Oliver and KC

Me and Wong sifu
That is what i normally do. lol.

Time for you to change a new profile picture !

Me, Jin, Oliver

Keep showing off their biceps hahaha

Speaking frankly, i will bring you to salon one day  ! CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP  OFF YOUR HAIR !Haha!

Enjoy my great night and all moments with them. We chat and share our stories each time. Our stories and conversation never end. Hope to have next gathering soon ! :D

Oh ya ! I wanna bring you guys to salon one day ! I don't care ! Cannot tahan their Kajang unique hairstyle ald. haha.

Next blog post : I'm gonna share about products i bought from StyleNanda ! Stay tuned ! I'm so excited to share about the products ! Love them mad ! Wheeee !

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Plan B night with Ann - Farewell

不知不觉那个臭傻婆又回美国去了 T.T

时间真的过得真快,这次她回去,就得等9个月后才能和她见面了 :( 啊不过我可以去美国找你吗傻婆?哈哈!

上个星期五约了Ann一起到PLAN B, BANGSAR吃晚餐去

Ceasar Salad with chicken

Marinara Pasta

这也算是2012和她吃的最后一餐晚餐吧? T.T

现在那个傻婆应该到美国了,我却现在才更新我的部落 lol

在星期五前我已准备好那傻婆的礼物了,她真的很大牌,和马来西亚同一天生日,也算是为她早庆祝她生日的一晚吧! :D

坦白说,我真的没有看过这么天真的人 *不懂是天真还是笨 haha*


结果想到个烂借口,那就是说纸带是拿来装相机还有化妆包,真的没想到这个傻婆完全没有怀疑 -,-''''''''

当我把纸带放到她面前,告诉她生日快乐,她看了看我,再看看纸带里的东东,在她脸上除了看见惊喜,那应该就是喜悦吧 :D 很开心我的计划很成功,我也知道这个烂招数也只能用在她身上吧!哈哈哈!

你看看她,像个小孩 哈哈

没有想到我买到的香水正是她最喜欢也是她看中已久的款式 lol  我也知道我的taste不错的啦~~ hahaha :P 


在哪里就是继续地谈天,自拍 ,sot一下 lol

Hi Sue Ann ! I see you !


最喜欢你那自然的笑容了 :)


这次你回去真的要等好久才能再见到你啊!真的会很想你咯!虽然知道这世上有样东西叫电话,叫skype,叫whatsapp, 但是那种感觉就是不一样的 :(


Coordinate of the day
Top : Kitchen
Skirt : Berskha
Bag : MiuMiu
Heels : Aldo

最喜欢就是塞车时间在车上和你叽里咕噜八个不停的时刻了!我永远都记得你那超有特色的笑声!谁叫你自己笑点这么低~如果我是男生,你早已死在我手上了!*evil laugh* hahahah!!


不要忘记我也不要将人取代我听到没有! :)

< 3 Lurves < 3

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to look and act like a Korean/Japanese girl

Anyohaseyo ! Konichiwa ! *bows*

Haha. Interesting topic today! I bet most of the girls hope to "look" or "act" like a Korean/Japanese, right? Speaking frankly, previously i was so into Japanese look, especially their make up and the way the act and pose, but now, i personally prefer Korean look. lol. Perhaps due to Kpop

So you might ask, How to look like a Korean/Japanese girl?

or, How to make someone thought you are a Korean/Japanese?

Alright, today i'm gonna show and guide you some main key and steps in making up in order to make you look somehow like a korean/japanese. *hopefully it works*

You might not be able to speak Japanese/Korean, you might be confused the way they dress up themself, it's alright, I'm gonna guide you some important steps in make up ,which brings out the characteristic of a Korean/Japanese.


Korean girl characteristic

Firstly, the main key point to look like a Korean was FLAT EYEBROW. Korean do not exaggerate the shape of the eyebrow, i.e Over arch the shape of the eye. 

Please please please please please do not try or draw Angled Eyebrow shape unless you have a distinct face or feature. Otherwise you would look like................................



Ya. Seriously. You may draw an angled eyebrow, but without overarching it. You can see girls drawing eyebrow like this very frequently in facebook. Please. Do not do that. You look weird. =/

So how does a flat eyebrow look like?

A flat eyebrow with a natural arch. 

Basically it looks like this.

The main tips to look like a Korean was drawing a Natural Flat Eyebrow. The eyebrow was drawn according to its shape naturally. 


Secondly, Korean usually emphasize on the NATURAL look. They do not use fake eyelashes which look "super fake" or put on any heavy make up. 

What they do was, a simple eyelashes curler to curl their eyelashes, followed by mascara and  a cat eye liner. 

As simple as easy as that. 

Next, the Lip Colour.

Korean will either use super pink, super orangy, super red or super natural lip stick colour. They tend to use striking lip colour as they have a fair and flawless skin, which allowed them to suit any striking colour. Moreover, the eye make up was not heavy basically, by using a sharp and dark lip colour is able to make the  whole make up focuses on the sexy lip. weeevit !

Natural eyebrow shape, pink lip.

And last by not least, in order to look like a Korean, or to have the characteristic of a Korean, you need to have a fair skin tone. Have you seen any dark Korean Girl? lol. You know right. lol.

Wokay. Next ! Japanese girl !

Japanese girl characteristic

I see many girls who blonde their hair cus they wanna look like a Japanese. You are not completely wrong as Japanese loves to blonde their hair. But why they blonde their hair? Simply because they wanna look like a European. Japanese love to mix match European style together with Japanese typical style.

The typical Japanese girl look includes , FAKE EYE LASHES, BLONDE HAIR and NUDE LIP COLOUR.

Japanese normally gives us a heavy make up feel. Why? Simply because of the fake eye lashes. I can say that Japanese couldn't live without fake eyelashes. Seriously. I mean it. lol.

However, there are different types of fake eyelashes, some are super thick, some are natural. I personally prefer natural false eyelashes. A thick lashes tend to make you look cute, while the natural one tend to make you look more mature.

Natural false eyelashes type.

Anyway, Japanese never forget the bottom lashes part. They even put up false eyelashes everyday so to make their eyes look BIGGER than usual. 

Next, lip colour. 

Japanese LOVE to put on nude lip colour. And I think that was the main key that makes you look like a Japanese. Haha. 

What about the eyebrow? Japanese normally use Eyebrow Mascara to ensure their eyebrow was totally covered with the colour. It looks odd when your hair is blonde, but your eye brow isn't the same as your hair colour. 

p/s : I'm so sorry that I don't have any thick false eye lashes. Here are only the pictures of natural one. 

I used a self trimmed false eyelashes. 

Nude lip colour.

Eyebrow mascara, nude lip and false eyelashes.

So let me go through the whole thing with you again.


To look like a Korean :

- Natural Eyebrow shape
- Cat eye liner
- Light make up 
- Striking lip colour ( red, pink, orange etc.)

To look like a Japanese :

- False eyelashes (upper and lower)
- Eyebrow mascara
- Nude lip colour 
- Blonde hair ( not necessary)

The END !

Heeeee. Hope you like my blogpost.

So sorry that don't look 100% like a Korean/Japanese. But at least i manage to point up all the tips right? Heeeee. 

You may share it out if you like it.

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God bless < 3