Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time for restock !

Heeee! It's been a long time i did not blog in english ! No, it should be, it's been a long time i didn't blog something meaningful ;/. Uhh. Whatever.

Off to Garden to restock my cosmetic products with mummy today. Classes resume the day after tomorrow. So not into the mood of study now. I need more holidays ! Two weeks are not enough at all ! So many things and plans are not on yet ! ;(  

So, these are the products i have bought today. So happy ! Especially receiving exclusive gift from Aunty :P hehe ! 


This was the eyebrow pencil i bought from EMPRO (basically EMPRO is a well known eyebrow embroidery ). I remember i recommended it to you girls before right? :) This eyebrow pencil is suitable for those who just started to learn how-to-make-up. You may line your eyebrow and handle it easily by using this eyebrow pencil. The triangular shape tip of the pencil allows you to draw a thick line for the first half of the eyebrow, and the thinner tip part creates a thin line towards the outer line. 

The colour i bought was golden brown. Naise colour!


Eye liner pencil and liquid comes together. The best eye liner i used and bought ever ! Trust me ! Once you try it, you will love it ! The colour of liquid eye liner is dark enough for you to draw (as you know some of the liquid eye liner are not pure in dark black colour, there are more to grey or light black colour) waterproof, and easily removed by using make up remover. 

See ! The eye liner pencil has shinny effect somemore ! Nice anot you say ! :P


Limited edition shades by Bobbi Brown, shimmer and fine glitter eye shadow. The effect was so sparkling. You may blend it together with your shadow or use it alone. I love this shadow lah ! 

   # Golden Glitter

# Still so shinny in the dark ! 


My first face shading product.I haven't try the shading effect out yet. Just pick and buy one. lol. I bought the lightest colour, cus i scared ppl thought i didnt wash my face or what. lol.


Super rehydrating mask by Christian Dior ! Apply onto your face for 5 to 10 mins then rinse it off with water. You will feel your face is super rehydrate and refreshing !

Here all the exclusive gifts i got it from Dior salesgirl. Haha. Don't be jealous lah okay. I love the mini 5 pallets shadow she gave me ! Shooo cute !! A mini size version of the normal pallets ! *LURVESSSS*


# Super cute right?! Awwwwww <3

Wheee ! These are what i bought for today. :) Oh ya, my sha po Sue Ann will be back soon ! Can't wait to hang out with her ! I'm waiting ~~~~~ i'm waiting~~ hahaha! :P

Alright, i think i did a great job today right? I did put some smallllllllll little effort on this post :P hehe ! See you girls, enjoy ya !


  1. OMG!! I love all the cosmetics you bought!! Time for me to stock up mine too!! ^^

  2. OMG!! I love all the cosmetics you bought!! Its time for me to stock up mine too!! ^^

  3. That outfit you wore looks gorgeous.

  4. wahhh ada shiny oo :P

    can draw on your eye with thick abit right? :)

  5. Wow!! GLitter still shinning in the dark looks goooooooood!

  6. Irene - Heee! Thank you Irene ! Yeahh, it's time to stock up together !! :P

    Kelvin - Thank you :)

    KKF - Mehhhhh.This is compliment or whatt hahaha! :)

    Bendan - Yeah ! This shimmer is so nice ! Go get it now :P

  7. hahaha look good and mysterious mah :P