Monday, May 28, 2012


Muahahahaha! Finally received my long awaited parcel today ! Not gonna tell you what i purchased this time. But i'm gonna advertise it KUAT KUAT if it is really effective la :P So let's wait and see what happens one month later! Haha! So excited lahhh ! :D

 I know imma failed just-write-for-fun blogger. lol ! Okay lahh, this is fact also. So i will accept this fact, and become a successful just-write-for-fun blogger okay? HAHA.

Today i wanna thanks all my friends, or not my friends, who voted me in the NATURAL BEAUTY Model Search 2012 =] Thank you guys/girls alott!! This was my very first time joining competition like this, and me myself was certainly unsure where the hell i get this guts from. You can't blame me too, cus the prizes were too tempting ! $.$

Thanks to cute little friends of mine, me get to enter to the final round, which means Im one the Top 10 Finalists now  T.T

Are you going to support me on the Grand Final day? *blushes*    
Better dont lah. I dont wanna scare my readers off btw. lolllll

Terima Kasih banyak banyak sekian!!! :)

Oh yeahh, DERMAL mask respond was so astonishing ! True also lah, i have marked down the price as low as possible ald. So what are you waiting for girls? No, i mean guys and girls ! Facial mask is not restricted to girls only nowadays, it's for everyone ! To everyone of you who wants to look great or  to "look better than now" ! wth? lol ! Sorry. Having severe grammar deficiency. lol.

You may check this link out if you are interested in purchasing DERMAL mask ya ;D

Alright, time for report again ! Will update my blogpost soon ! Whee!




  1. Congratz ! You are going to final ! Hooray ! =D

  2. CONGRATS!!!
    WEYYYY! really such a long time didnt visit u ad! hahaha how are you doing? =DD