Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simple hair bow tutorial

Hi peeps !

Still rmb i said that i'll do a simple hair bow tutorial?

Well, i tried to take pictures at first actually, but i seems more confusing and messy. 

Therefore i decided to record it. Erm..... this is my very first time making a tutorial video..

I didn't do any description in detail cus i scared it will make you guys more confused. I tried to tie it slowly so you guys can learn it more easily. Anyway, i don't this is a good video or tutorial, i'll try to improve my recording skills okay? =/

So, here you go !

A simple hair bow which can be styled by long hair or short hair. This cute little bow can be done in 2 minutes (erm, maybe less than that?). Let's say you're a person who always wake up with a messy hair, just like me,i hope this hair bow tutorial is useful to you.

Start styling up your hair with this cute little hair bow in minutes !

Hair bow fans *wave wave*

Thanks for watching the video !

Would you mind sharing out this video if you like it? Please and thank you ! Ah Queen thanks your whole family :P

I promise i will work hard on more tutorials if the response is good :P hehe !

Anyway, pls let me know if you share it out in facebook or anywhere. I just want to thank you personally :)))) lurvess !!


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