Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Cina New Year !

I'm so sorry readers ! I'm officially a lazy blogger now.Yeah, i know right. After since my account was hacked,  i don't update my blog so often like last time already.

Anyway, Happy Cina New Year everyone ! =D Gong hei fatt choy !

As usual, i will be back to Kota Bharu which is my dad's hometown to have our reunion dinner. And now, i'm back to Sitiawan ! Hehe. So sorry that no pictures were taken in my dad's hometown cus there were no pictures make up of mine =/

Lion dance is grandpa's house !

To be honest, i'm afraid of lions =/ I know it was human, but, aiya. I dont know lahh =/ =/

# All wake up early just to watch lion dance performance

Seems i'm not the only one who is scared =P

# Ong arr !!

# Instagram instagram ~

# My happy leng zai grandpa ! =D

I love night session the most ! Hehe. Why? Pictures tell the reason why :P

# Yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm senggggggggg !!


# Jagermeister ; Taste like ' tit da zao ' -.-

# Mahjong kaki !

It was a happening new year in Sitiawan ! 

Till then. Rushing out for another happening outing :P

Ciao !

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