Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CNY what-to-buy

Decide to update my blog post today !

Uni life gonna be busy, busy and busy after chinese new year. :( I want holidays !

So chinese new year is around the corner, have you bought your new year clothes? Speaking frankly, i haven't. I use to buy new clothes in every two weeks (this consider very normal already okay). Mom asked me to keep my new clothes to cny only kai pao. Walao, that will not going to happen on me, i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e ! LOL !

I cannot tahan when i look open my wardrobe everytime and wondering what to wear for my next outings. Hehe. I bet you're the same too right? lol !

What to wear for cny this year? Headache lahh. I don't wanna wear cheongsam again =/ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyway, new year doesn't mean buy new clothes is enough already. Give yourself a new style or new look ! New year new life ma :P

So, let me list down what-to-buy and what-to-do for CNY :

1.  New clothes.
2. New heels.
3. New bras and panties. *blushes*
4. New handbag.
5. New hairstyle/ haircolour
6. New perfume.
7.New lip gloss / blusher.
8. New accessories
9. New contact lenses.

Hahahaha. This is ridiculous. Especially the last one. lol.

Okay lah, I just wrote it for fun only. Hehe. But still, i'll try to get all of them !I know right..*evil laughing*

List no. 1, 2 and 4 are exception. I will get them anytime without any reason. I just can't help it!muahaha :P

These are all actually my excuses actually. Even there's no new year celebration or what chinese tradition, i'll still get all of them, slowly, one by one. LOL.  

However i still hope you guys enjoy in shopping and dolling up yourself for CNY ! yeahhh !

举起手,跳啦啦啦啦! *thanks to my student,this song get stuck in my head!*

Happy Shopping everyone ! =D


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