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Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello ! Korean Wave again! *sexy eyes*

So previously i said i will blogged bout DAY-DREAMER online boutique items and i have exclusive offer for my readers! And i also promised that i will blog within a week..and.. i failed again -,- So sorry readers, i remember what i've promised, but due to some technical error ...therefore..bla bla blahh.. sowee >,<''


Here's the update. Forgive me okay? Soweeee! *puppy eyes*

In my "Korean Fashion Online Boutique" post, I've recommended some nice and fashionable korean online boutique. Today, I will be doing a post for DAYDREAMER !

There are few reasons why i recommend you girls to shop with them.

First, DayDreamer has been doing online boutique business for 7 years long. They not only provide top quality products, but they also resell it at lower price. All items are originally and made in Korea. Every season, DayDreamer brings in the latest trend and fashion items from designers across Asia. 

As you can see from the picture above, all items selling in DayDreamer is based on USD.
Daydreamer selling items like Women Top, pants, outerwear, cardigans, accessories, shoes and also dresses. Famous korean brands like StyleMix, Chicfox, Joamon, Dabagirl and etc.. are all available at DayDreamer!

One of the reason i would love to recommend this boutique to you girls because they provide close up pictures of the items. As you can see from this picture, you can view the items clearly through the picture before you purchase it.

Some of the items that i think it is worth to buy as below. Like this cute little mini skirt worth 15USD only! 100% from Korea with good quality, and it's only 15USD ! Why not??! lol.

Moreover, their shipping fees are all at a fixed rate, which is $6.99 only. Their shipping fees are seriously cheap! If you compared it with other Korean online boutique that ship internationally, you will realised that their shipping fees are so expensive -,- And shipping fees usually cost the most when you cart your items out. 

Eg. In Stylenanda, Shipping fees to Malaysia cost about 20USD. So it's about, RM60+ !!!! So expensive. Fml.

Following are some of the pictures provided by day-dreamers :-

Close up pictures for all types of colour! Sadly this skirt is out of stock.Ishh. The Beige colour look so naise!

So few days ago I just receive my parcel from Day-dreamers. 
At first I thought the material MIGHT be kinda disappointing cus it is sold cheap, so cannot have high expectations mah... But! The material is so soft and comfy! 

I bought this active wear skirt, as in the picture below, grey in colour.

The material shown in their website was exactly the same as what I received! Normally some of the pictures shown in the web were not the same as what it is exactly. As you can see from the pictures posted by Day-dreamer, most of the pictures were taken with white background, so to reduce the colour and material differences shown in picture.

Chinese New Year is coming soon! So come and grab good items from Day-dreamers!
And here I have a GOOD NEWS for all of my readers!For all of my readers who read my post, you are entitled with..............

10% voucher code off for ALL DAY-DREAMERS ITEMS!

What you have to do is 

(1) Click onto Day-dreamers website --->
(2) Add items you wishlist into CART
(3) CHECKOUT your items
(4) Insert the discount codes as below :-


Tadaaa! Job done! :D

I think this is the best part i like Day-dreamers ! This is because some of the items sold in Stylenanda are quite pricey, but, hey! You can still get 10% discount from day-dreamers ! And their shipping fees are MUCH MUCH CHEAPER AND REASONABLE!

Go checkout Day-dreamers website now! Don't forget to spread this news out!
  Sharing is caring! Promotion specials should always share around with your friends yet is so so simple! What you have to do is just checkout my blog first

Till then. Hope this 10% discount code did cheer up your day! Lurves < 3

Feel free to comment about their items below if you would like to. Hehe. 

See ya!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Silver Spoon - Food Review

So to continue my previous post..

We went to SILVER SPOON for dinner! Decided to eat at Fat Boy at first but too many people and we have to wait. And so, we decided to makan at Silver Spoon!  (btw, that day Fat Spoon, then wanna try Fat boy, but end up Silver Spoon! What's with the spoon spoon and fat fat ah? No other name meh? lol.)

Basically the environment is quite relaxing, quite,romantic and contemporary. Tables were all packed but still we managed to get ourself a sits! yay!

# Simple design of Silver Spoon menu.

Not much of varieties and choices of food though. However they served nice and quality food.

# Herbs & Garlic toast

The garlic toast is so so crispy and nice! It taste so Garlic! haha. What am I Rich garlic taste with herbs smell!

# Mushroom soup


# Classic Carbonara

When i saw the portion of the pasta, the first thing came into my mind was, " So little only ah??"
But when I try to finish the whole thing.... I only understand why they only give this small little portion. The carbonara is so creamy and cheezy. People who love creamy texture definitely love this dish ! This small little portion is more than enough for you to finish it..cus it has a cheezy texture, causes you to have a satiated feel. So now you understand why the chef gave this small little portion? lol.

# Spaghetti  P.... I've forgotten the name.Sh*t. Uhm, overall comment, it is good but..I think they put too much of olive oil, so kinda geli after having too *English fail!*


# I think this is " Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce" or " Boneless grilled chicken" . Something like that lah. lol. Soft tendon chicken texture, together with the rich mushroom sauce. Yum yum. Recommended to lazy food lovers. lol  

# Me and Spaghetti "P"

 # That's my lovely baby.

# Hiak! Did you notice anything..? lol!

# Non-stop camho...errrr.

 # Last but not least.. Girl's all time favourite..complimentary DESSERT! Not complimentary not so happy yet, will only be excited when it is free! hahaha. 

Overall it is definitely an affordable and recommended place for you to try an authentic Italian cuisine here.

Thanks for reading ! :)

Silver Spoon
Location : Publika, G2-33 LEVEL G2
Contact no. : +603 6201 6800

Monday, November 26, 2012

Free flow of Baskin-Robbins?

Baskin Robbins ! 

Haha. Who doesn't like Baskin Robbins??? 

Even if you don't like it... What if I tell that you stand a chance to enjoy Free Flow of Baskin Robbins?! Won't you feel excited? YES, I AM SO EXCITED!

Thanks to Nuffnang, i have a chance to enjoy Baskin Robbins for free in Publika! All i have to do is vote for the ideal blogger and share the picture in my facebook profile. Isn't it easy? Nuffnang you so naise lah. Wo ai ni. hahaha.

It is so crowded over here. Registation stars at 7pm but i reached at about 8.30pm. The crowd were still there. They also have public registrations. What you need to do is vote for your ideal blogger, and you can get a free BR ice-cream

Btw,for your information, I have voted for KY speaks! :p

# Hooray for FREE BR ICE-CREAM! <3 p="p">

# Me & my happy Ice Cream ! :P

# Opps. Gotta queue up for free ice cream. But it's all worth! hehe!

# I Lob Baskin Robbins Ice Cream !

Hehe. After craving for BR ice cream with my mom and bro. We went to......................



To be continued.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fat Spoon Media Night Event - Food Review

有好吃介绍哦!Damansara uptown的朋友们你们有口福咯!

今天要介绍的是这间FAT SPOON餐厅,让你回味许多童年回忆以及趣事的地方,也同时让你享受本地口味的创意美食 

当天IACT学生们举办了MEDIA NIGHT EVENT, 邀请了几位部落客们为这间餐厅美食写评论,我也邀请了宝贝Caryn一起参与这次的美食活动。
为了配合餐厅的怀旧风,主办当位设置了个“Old School, Retro" 主题,为当晚服装最配合主题的出席者颁奖。

据说本餐厅的菜单是以童年故事书的概念为主,可惜我没有机会见证叻 ><

以下是餐厅为当晚的部落客们精心准备的食物菜单 :-

我的角色当然是当个Kelefe来拍照咯! xD

# Take 1

# Take 2

# Take 3

# Take 4

# Take 5 很可爱的餐厅装饰,连桌子都铺上报纸呢

# Take 6 


看!我最爱的Nyam Nyam还有白兔糖耶!这些都超经典的!
还记得小时在外婆家就是爱骑脚踏车到附近的杂货店买这些有的没的 哈哈


# 汉堡汉堡你的味道也太特殊了吧!竟然是叉烧口味的小汉堡耶!可爱极了啦!特别之余,它的馅料可是香得很哦。

# 半生熟蛋和Asam Jawa, 这个口味太搭了,带点酸酸甜甜,非常开胃

# DRY SPICY BEEF MACARONI 这道菜肴还真是有创意,平时送到嘴里的Macaroni口感应该是和cream sauce搭在一起,但是这创意的干炒macaroni和牛肉搭在一起,口感很奇妙。喜欢尝试新口味的朋友们,还是喜欢吃辣的朋友们,或许可以点这道很有创意的macaroni哦 (^。^)

# Banana Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream 这是我当晚最爱的一道了!炸过的热春卷里头含着满满融化了的香蕉,搭配冷冷的香草冰淇淋,口感真的是棒极了!好爱这个组合哦!


# 巧克力花生带点焦焦的Marshmallow 


#(from left) Jesse, Me & Suki

没想到颁发Best Dressed Winner的时候竟是我呢 ><'' 场面是很尴尬的咯 >,<

谢谢呢 ><''

# 非常可爱的Swea Ching颁奖给我。之前和她一起同台演出过,要感谢她邀请我出席呢 =P

# 抽奖时间! 哈哈,是很兴奋下的

# 想到没想到吧,lucky winner竟是我宝贝Caryn叻!耶!我们两个都太幸运了 xD


Retro outfit of the day :-

Top : from Sunway
Skirt : Nakedkimchi
Boots : Nakedkimchi

Accessories : Miss Selfridge

Fat Spoon Cafe

73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Open hours :
 Tue - Thur 11:30 - 15:00
                  17:00 - 22: 00

Fri - Sun   11:30

Phone : 03-7728 3323