Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fb account hacked

Hi everyone !

A new post just to inform that my fb account has been hacked by some stupid idiot, caused me to recreate my page again. Haih.

Here goes the story.

Ytd morning i was trying to login my fb using mobile fb, fb told me that i enter the wrong password, asked me to reenter again. I tried again and again. I thought something is wrong with facebook mobile. Then i just leave it there first.

Till ytd afternoon, i turned on my lappy, trying to log in, failed again. I knew something wrong is going on. Therefore i checked my hotmail. Okay, So there was an idiot actually request to associate with my account.


I was so pissed off you know ! I clicked onto the link, trying to cancel the request. Fb say i could only cancel the request if i could enter the correct password. Walao, so how to retrieve everything? 

You damn hacker, you hacked my password, then my email, and you locked my profile. How should i retrieve everything? You are a pro hacker, are you happy now? -.-

Now, i lost all my friends. Friends in Japan all hampalang all gone ! And all my primary school classmates too ! Jdg.

Eff you betul betul. -.-

Everyone was asking me the same question "Why you open new account? Why you create a new page?".

Why i create new account?

Simple. Because the previous account has been hacked.

Why i create new page?

Cus my page is connected to the previous account. Since my previous account was hacked, i couldn't connect back to my previous page already.


So, here's my page and my fb profile.

For your information, most of my updates will be in my page instead of my fb profile ya. You can even subscribe me too if you want :)


NEW FB PROFILE : Queennie Wei

For your information, my previous page doesn't belongs to me anymore.

Btw, i miss my previous page so much lahh :( Like everything gonna start from the bottom again. Sien diaoo..

Regarding to my blog post update, i will post it to my new page ya.

Just a new blog post to explain everything over again.

Would you mind to help me share it out if you can?

Thank you everyone ! :) 

p/s : I already tried to add back most of my friends, if i did miss you up, pls add me back or pm me. Sorry ya ! :((

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