Friday, November 11, 2011

Pre-bday celebration with her

Wheee ! My first pre-birthday celebration.Hehehe. I dont know how many post i'm gonna blog about my birthday, but so sorry to say, i'm still gonna blog every tiny little things of my birthday celebration.Hehe :P

Alright. The N years after celebration with leng lui Lee Sue Ann. Haha. I don't remember when was the last time we celebrated my birthday.Hmmm. Let me think... 6 years ago? LOL. I knew her when i was eleven. So.. count yourself.Hahahaha.


Why so skinny? Hate you ! <3

I told her that i want to have a candle light dinner with her and i don't care. Therefore the idle girl suggested to have my pre-birthday celebration at Opus Bistro, Bangsar. I've never been there before, this was my first time. It was an Italian Restaurant. The atmosphere was nice, couples sitting around us, playing romantic Italian song that i can't understand. lol. 

As usual, they served us fresh baked bread with dipping sauce of olive and vinegar. The bread were really FRESH baked.I think it was a sesame bread or something.Idk. Anyway, the bread and the sauce match perfectly.Hehehe.

Lazy to type. So let the pictures do the talking kay? =)




We headed to Alexis in Bangsar for dessert after the candle light dinner. I never know that the cake taste simply awesome ! You must and you have to try the TIRAMISU CAKE ! This was the first time i saw tiramisu cake covered with caramelized nuts. You can actually smell the fragrant of the nuts. It was not too sweet, just nice. I think they also have cheese as their ingredient. I THINK LA. lol.

CHOCOLATE BERRIES MERINGUE. I've fallen for you ! The texture are amazingly smooth and light. I mean really really LIGHT. At first i thought that the cake will be quite creamy, but no, it was very light ! The strawberries are kinda sour. Anyway, the mixture of berries and meringue are simply perfect ! They will melt in your mouth. I think this was the most scrumptious meringue cake i tasted this so far. heeee. Worth to try ! They come in quite a big slice. 


TIRAMISU with cognac  ( RM 15 )

It was a guilty dinner Speaking frankly, i'm having my diet plan currently. Gained weight after Taiwan trip.So depressed you know ! Skinny type will never understand our feelings,just like the one who went candle light dinner with me.Hahaha. 

Anyway, I've to thank you darling. Thank you for bringing me so much fun and enjoyable night. I don't know how to express my feelings in words. You know i know la. Heeee. So shy la. Hahaha =D
Imagine how if darling actually bought flowers and hide it in her car boot? hahahha. THIS MUST BE CRAZY !! 

Last but not least, ILY. heeee <3 hearts you always !

p/s : I'm so sorry but i still have to mention this, WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT LESBO ! WE ARE SINGLE BUT NOT AVAILABLE. lol ! no offense kay.


  1. hey girl may i know where u bought ur hairband? so nice...!

  2. hey girl may i know whr u buy the hairband? so nice..!