Thursday, July 7, 2011

To my readers.

Need money so so bad recently.Readers, could you please click onto both photos below for me?So sorry :( 
This may be useful to those who are taking PMR and SPM this year :)

Happy to have grapevine in my bloggie.Heeeeeee. Thanks for supporting readers !

Alright, straight to the main point.

Yeahhh,indeed,I have a terrible blog with stupid post. Low quality of pictures.Childish blog theme. Broken english. Broken chinese too..
Someone actually asked me to use proper english and chinese grammar to blog.
You are neither right or wrong. Hmmmm.

I can't write fantastic english.
In exam, we are not allowed to use short form or any "sms" languages
In presentation, no "lor" "leh" "lar" "meh" in presenting.
In reports, we have to follow the format and arrange everything in justified form

And now i was asked to blog with proper grammar.Hmmm. What should i say? 

Dear XXX,

 I cant satisfy anyone. Even me myself.

I blogged because i want to, not because of you.

I'm not arrogant, I'm just REAL.

I'll accept your advise to blog in a better style. Thanks for advising dude. I aint angry. Just to express. Who knows your advise actually motivates me to blog better? Haha :D

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for reading so patiently. I promise i will read more, write more, snap more, crap more, share more and "improve more and more" ! :D

By the way, kindly leave your footprint before you left readers !
You know me, but i dont know you !
Let me visit you back ! *PEACE YO*


  1. Have faith in yourself, you'll eventually improved~

  2. get a life haters...
    dun worry girl...i got your back ^^

  3. Hayley - Thanks Hayley! Yeah, my hard work will pay off one day :)

    Meichi - Wheeeee. Thank you meichi ! :D

  4. blog better? pusing ur lips :P sure got lot of visitor and see XD

  5. Kian fai - Hmm? Get mm dou >.< Where got ~ Your post got la :D

  6. haha. aiyo, why la that person so bad!

    take it in a positive way lo!

    but to me, as long as it is smooth for readers to read and readers can understand the message that you are trying to convey, then, I think it should be alright. =)