Thursday, June 16, 2011

For my Baby Caryn ❤

Crap. Suppose having dinner with Lisa yiyi tomorrow night. Now has to postpone due to some "reason". Hmm..

Anyway, that was not the main point. Thanks to Mixue, she reminds me about the Hello Kitty mask bought by muaa baby Caryn from Taiwan. Hehe. Show you her cute cute picture :P

Aren't she cute? Awww 
Hello Kity Mask

Cho Kawaii ~~!!!

Sibeh cute right? Awwww.Thank you Caryn Baby ! One piece of hello kitty mask enough to take my heart away ~~ Haha ! Love love :P 

All plan ruined today. Plan to go shopping with mummy today actually. Too bad mummy don't want to drive to KL. What to do. Die at home

Short and simple update just to thanks my sweet sweet Caryn Baby :D  *Please dont knock my head * >.<

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