Monday, May 2, 2011

Bye bye holiday :(


p/s : saw my eyebrow?rmb the previous post i told you about eyebrow threading.
So yeah,i love my eyebrow :)

Sigh.Classes resume from tomorrow onwards.Sien. Two weeks break are not enough for me at all ! 

Other than shopping, my daily routine = eat,sleep and dance . Sad huh? Did not get to hang out with my babies.I want to go k box and buffet with them la. Aisehman.You see, two weeks are really short ! All plans were failed :(

Another thing that drives me mad, really really mad.... FACIAL ! I used to have acne all over my nose and forehead every month when "aunt" visit me. So, i went facial 4 days ago. As you know, the beautician will starts to squeeze or remove pimples/acne after steaming. I usually fall asleep everytime when they start the "squeezing" step. I have skin sensitive problem, therefore, red spots usually completely disappeared 2 days after. Tell you what, those red marks on my face has not disappear till today >< My face looks like a piece of shit now ! Shoot !
And now, i'm sick.ARGGGHH ! I should not have eaten snowflake that day.But, daddy wouldn't brought me for snowflake if i told him i got flu and cough. Ish. 

I'm tired, i'm sick, i'm lost , i'm lazy. 

I need more holidays, can i?  :(

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