Thursday, April 21, 2011

Outing with uncles and aunties =X

Yeah! Gonna update my post in English today *since someone keep ask me to do so*.LOL.

I'm not gonna write it long as i have nothing much to write about.This is my first time spending all day long with my dearest Grandpa! Heeeee.

We had our 'dim sum' with grandpa at 锦选 this morning.Urhhm, I like the 'siu yok' and 'siu mai' .That's what i could say.LOL.

So yeah, mommy brought us to Pavilion today, with my aunty and uncle together.

Plan to get my dinner dress for Lisa yiyi's wedding.But,nahh.I bought nothing today.Why?No mood i guess?Hmm.LOL.
Btw, we met up darling at foodcourt. She looks like an OL now. :) Darling grown up already :)

Had my whole day long with "uncles and aunties" .  NO COMMENT. Haha. I'm happy, anyway, no next time mummy!*evil laughing*

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