Saturday, April 23, 2011


Oppps!Picture from google :P

First time having dinner with teacher and DP staff. Haha. But too bad,i forgot to bring my camera today.Opppps!We even forgot to take a group picture after the dinner. Ish!
Anyway, DAIMON YOKOCHO ,been there before?

I heard about this restaurant before,i think so?Heeeee.Sounds familiar when my teacher told us we are having dinner over there. My funny and silly ballet teacher who taught me ballet for 11 years *wink wink* drove us there.Yeah!!

We chat and crapped about EVERYTHING! You know,she's funny,i just don't know why she's so hyperactive anytime anywhere when we talk or ask her something.We just love her CRAZINESS ! I should post her teaching method on YouTube one day. Perhaps she would be famous like 林育群someday? hahaha! She's just awesome! Heartss 

Alright.Time to show some fat ass-ing foods ! - by Satio

So sorry i did not jot down those udon's name.We ordered yakitori also.What what cheese mushroom,beef tongue,fried toufu....etc etc.I cant remember their name but i know i ate alot.LOL. So sorry readers >< However, the yakitori was not that tasty.Rating?"So so" la ~~~.

I would recommend you to try the udon :) Not that bad actually.I should say the udon are "special" instead of "tasty".They have variety of soup base (satay sauce,tomato sauce,spicy base..bla bla bla).
Btw, they also have very nice atmosphere over there.*Grrr,i should bring my camera!!*

Daimon Yokocho

32A, Jalan Alam Damai 1
Damai 23
Cheras 56000 KL

Tel No : 03-9105 5063

I wanna be a happy girl just like how I used to be , can I ?