Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Had dream to own this product for a long time already.I think you guys heard about it ,right? Thanks lot to my sweet Lisa yiyi! :) NARS Orgasm belongs to me now ! :DD  *teeeeheee*





情人节 =='''





好久没有见到那几个小瓜了 :)

Someone asked me a question yesterday

" Hey,when is your next english post? ".LOL.

" Errrrrrrrrr  ", *offline *

Haha.Everytime when i started to blog my new post,i wonder which language should i use.Quite irritating sometimes.So,i'll blog a very short one in english ok?Fair enough?LOL.

Having biology test on this Friday.Guess what?I'm not prepared AT ALL.Even if i did,i don't think i can score well.Biology is always my headache subject.Undeniable,i dislike biology and biology never wants me to like it.So,what to do?Moreover,i will be studying food science in future.I even once questioned my own ability.
I know you guys would ask, "Why are you choosing this subject then? ".Hmm.What would happen if i say I DON'T KNOW?

"You should try to choose something you are interested in!"
"You are wasting your time,sweet !"
"Don't study then.Concentrate in your ballet !"
" Stupid. == ''' "

LOL.I'm so so speechless now.I don't think i'm the only person who is suffering in this stupid situation ,right?I know i aint going to succeed in this field.SO?SO?SO?SO?

Just shut the f*** up and READ ! Haaahahahaha. *grumbling was useless* LMAO

Cute ass just sent me a fortune telling sms.Kinda funny but quite accurate also.If you are also born in 1992 12th of Nov ,  check this out xD

"Disadvantage on luck.Pay attention to one's work career to prevent unexpected calamity to happen.Businessman must work stably on building factory.On business and investing,take precaution of evil character relationship is normal and low luck.Therefore,out down outing and not to poke into other people's matter.Take more attention to one's health and love."

The "not to poke into people's matter" is quite interesting.I laughed when i read the message.This so-called fortune telling message did not convinced me..LOL.

Alright,time for me to sleep with bio now.Night bloggers. :)

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