Monday, January 24, 2011

My very first time in English !


Can i update my post in Chinese?This is so not me >.< Anyway,i'll try my best to blog in English.This is my very very first time.Hope my Chinese readers can understand what am i crapping LOL.

First and foremost,today i'm not going to share any products,make up tutorial,skincare steps....bla bla bla.This post would be very very short.Please don't feel like you kena tipu masuk cause i will be really really sad. :( Can i be myself today?There are so many things happened recently - sad and happy things.I don't know where to start off but i just wanna share something happy with you guys. :)

My first happy thingy ! For "someone" :

You understand my feeling at last.That was a BIG relieve for me.Sorry if i hurt you but I really love you.You are great.You are the best.I cant live without you :) Thanks for EVERYTHING my chubby fat ass ! :P

p/s : I think you guys can guess out who is it,right?LOL.

Second thing.My diet plan is working.Muahaha =D. I successfully lost 1kg in one week without having my dinner.Happy thing for me.Teehee. :P Chinese New Year is coming.I dont want to be a fei po,wearing cheongsam with a big butt, flappy armpit and thick tights  ==''' Btw, this has proven that my "Weight-loss tips" really works =P 

It may be fat for you,but i think i did it :)
Next,going to have photoshoot this year?Hmmm.I was quite suprised that ,so called "fish" find me yesterday and he hope to have a photoshoot for me.Wow wow wow.Should i say yes or no?I wanted to have a photoshoot since long long ago ,but tarak confidence with myself.Anyway,i'm happy because the photoshoot is something to do with my hobby.Wheeeeee =)

Lastly! My cute little students can finally do their dance by their own WITHOUT ME !Yeahhh! My efforts finally paid off !:D Perhaps those snacks and stickers really worked.Children memang children.NO GAIN NO TALK. You know la.Children nowadays sibeh "smart".What also know,what also share,what also crap. -.- '''  Anyhow, i did enjoyed in teaching and sharing stupid and funny stuff , especially face expression practice time.LMAO!

Thats all i wanna share today ~! Short enough?I dont want to do long post anymore (trying my best)."Someone" complained my post very cheong hei.Haha.You know i know la.Still hearts you la,aiyo :)

Woooohoooo ! Done my first post in English ! I think i'm not going to write in English for the next post.Haha.See how la :P 

p/s : You are just a silly fly to me.Grow up please. =]


  1. Haha.. The first one is directed to your boyfriend? xD

  2. your english was considered as good already! don't worry :D! owh btw, you are so cute <3!

  3. Wow!! can share wads your diet tips? I wan nice legs and arms too! :3

  4. Yr english is okay ahh, should blog in english more so that I can read. What's the weight loss tips? Tell me!! :D I wanna lose weight too teehee btw, yr thigh is not fat okay. Smaller than mine what!

  5. considered it's your 1st time, you got a pass. hahaha

  6. Not bad! :)
    I will give you a pass! :D

    Sometimes you can blog in english sometimes in Chinese!
    As long as you are comfortable with it!

  7. your english is good ! blog more in english . hehe =D

  8. wear cheong sum oso~~wahhhahah~~~let wear 2gether~,miss u~~muackx